About Electrolysis


Electrolysis is the only FDA approved technique for permanent hair removal. Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal first developed in the US in 1875. Electrolysis eradicates hair by introducing a sterile disposable probe into the hair follicle. A slight amount of electrical current is then applied through the probe thereby destroying the hair root and ending future growth. Electrolysis is considered a process of elimination, since it can take several sessions to eradicate the hair permanently. Depending on medical conditions, medications, skin and hair type, and other varying health factors, play a key role in the permanent destruction of the hair. Electrolysis is done to permanently remove unwanted hair including all colors, and types. Electrolysis is commonly used to remove hair on the face (eyebrows, upper and lower lips, cheeks, chin, hairline, bridge of nose between eyebrows, and sideburns) and also on the neck shoulder, arms, and underarms, breasts, pelvic area, legs, back and chest. Electrolysis should never be done on the inside of the nose or ear. Only with physicians permission hair can be removed from moles.

After electrolysis treatment your skin will be temporarily red, swollen, and tender. The electrologist can recommend post care to alleviate these symptoms. When electrolysis is done correctly it permanently removes unwanted hair with no damage to your skin. Successful permanent hair removal depends on the person performing electrolysis treatment. It is also extremely important that the electrologist uses disposable probes and adheres to proper sanitation, disinfection and sterilization guidelines.

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